Home Users

PC Hospital offer a wide variety of services for a huge range of technology and we have a large scale knowledge of all platforms, from computer, phones, and iPad. The satisfactory time frame for home users we offer services such as setting up, troubleshooting and resolving.

 Instant Remote Support is (£29.99 per hour) if problem cannot be resolved remotely
we offer a 2 hour home visit at (£89.99) 

We also offer free pick up and drop off service.

We provide New PC, Data Transfer and Set up from £499.99

Please see our services below for more detail. 


PC Hospital help with setting up or troubleshooting network/internet based issues, with a lot of experience and knowledge with our engineers, most issues can be resolved within an hour appointment and to avoid another visit we will happily educate you on how to prevent future problems.


PC Hospital Computers are now used for storing masses of personal documents, pictures, videos and other important files. We can help to protect all of this to avoid any unexpected losses of data. PC Hospital also offer data recovery from retired computers and transfer data to new computers, as long as there is no extensive damage.